Third Party Integrations

RevenueCat can automatically send subscription events to the integration platform of your choice.

With our integrations you can send subscription events and purchase data with the platform you already use, or choose one that fits your workflow. So whether you are looking for patterns in user behavior, ways to engage with and retain your customers, or product analytics that can help your marketing team level up, in-app purchase events can be sent by RevenueCat to the integration of your choice.

Integrate data from RevenueCat

RevenueCat keeps clean and consistent data on the customer lifecycle within your app. This cultivates a single source of truth for subscription status, which you can then share with the tools your team relies on or utilize new tools without implementing new engineering resources.

How does RevenueCat work with your Integration platform?

RevenueCat is already tracking in-app purchases and subscription lifecycle events: trial, conversions, renewals, cancellations, and more. RevenueCat can automatically send these events to the integrations of your choice. You can engage with a customer while being informed about what stage they are in or analyze events and revenue occurring within your app and test new features to move product metrics. Many of the integrations that we support also support further integrations, so you can continue your work knowing that you are passing on the most reliable and up-to-date data.

Supported Integrations

RevenueCat can integrate data with the following platforms:

Customer Engagement and Retention

Data and Product Analytics

App Development

If you use an integration platform not listed here, contact us.