Offering Override

Override the default offering that displays in your app for a given customer

You can override the current offering that displays in your app on a per-user basis by selecting a different offering in the Current Offering card. This can be useful for:

  • Testing your dynamic paywall in sandbox without affecting your production app by changing the current offering for your own sandbox user. This is especially important for testing your offerings for Experiments.
  • Overriding the current offering for a customer in order to give them access to a specific in-app purchase that isn't otherwise available to the rest of your user base, as in the case of offering discounts in a customer support setting.

In the card, you'll see the current offering for the user:


This user's current offering is the same as the one selected for the project that contains your app.

Click on edit to choose a new offering:


Let's give this user access to the sale offering.