In-App Purchase Key Configuration

Guide on how to set up iOS in-app purchase keys.

For RevenueCat to securely validate purchases through Apple Store Kit 2, authenticate and validate Subscription Offers request with Apple and enable customer lookup via Order ID for iOS apps, you need to upload an in-app purchase key, and you'll also need to provide an Issuer ID.

1. Generating an In-App Purchase Key

In-app purchase keys are generated in the Users and Access section of App Store Connect. You can use the same in-app purchase key for all of your offers.

Select Generate In-App Purchase Key, or – if you've generated an In-App Purchase Key in the past – click on the "+" symbol behind the Active header. You'll be prompted to enter a name for the key.

Once your key is generated, it will appear in Active Keys and you get one shot to download it.

Select Download API Key and store the file in a safe place, you'll need to upload this to RevenueCat in the next step.

2. Uploading the In-App Purchase Key to RevenueCat

Once everything is set up in App Store Connect, you need to upload the In-App Purchase Key from the previous step to RevenueCat. RevenueCat will handle all the server-side authentication and validation of the Subscription Offers.

In the RevenueCat dashboard, select your iOS app from the Apps tab in your project settings.

Within your app settings, under the tab In-app purchase key configuration, you'll see an area to upload your In-App Purchase Key .p8 file that you downloaded from App Store Connect.

3. Providing the Issuer ID to RevenueCat

Once you uploaded the in-app purchase .p8 file, you'll see an area to input 'Issuer ID'.

You can find this Issuer ID in App Store Connect, under Keys > App Store Connect API.

If you haven't done so yet, you'll need to request access to the App Store Connect API. In that case, you will also need to generate a random App Store Connect API key. Access level or name of the key here doesn't matter, but the Issuer ID will not show unless a key has been generated.

Copy the Issuer ID, which is now shown at the top of the page, and paste into the RevenueCat 'Issuer ID' field.

Remember to select 'Save changes'.